Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | Review

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | Review


Hi Guys!

Loooook what I’ve got! I’m SO excited that I finally have my hands on this! If you somehow weren’t sure, this is the amazing Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. Yes it smells of chocolate and yes it’s amazing!

I’ve had my eye on this palette forever, but it’s £45 new, and even though it’s gorgeous and a complete cult product, the price is still on the steep side in my opinion. I’ve been *trying* to be good when it comes to buying things this last month, so buying this palette was completely out of the question… but then I had an email from Cohorted letting me know which products were going live that day, and there it was! I waited patiently till 6pm when the cohorts went live, I purchased my Chocolate Bar Palette at lightening speed and I’m glad I did as the ten they had in stock sold out within six minutes. I got the palette for the bargain price of £30.60, how great is that! Because this has been on my wish list for a while, and because it was such a bargain, I’m letting myself off for buying it 🙂


This palette has 16 matte and shimmer shades, including 7 mattes and 9 shimmers. The colours are mostly neutral, easy to wear shades but contrasting enough to allow you to create a variety of looks.


There are so many gorgeous shades in this palette I don’t even know where to begin! I seem to have misplaced the clear plastic sheet that protects the shadows with the shade names printed on in my excitement when opening the package, so I’ve had to google the names of the shadows, oops! I have to say I love the shimmers especially Creme Brûlée (bottom row 2nd from left) and Marzipan (directly above Creme Brûlée)


In this half of the palette I love Candied Violet (the blueish shade), it has a gorgeous lilac shimmer to it that the picture really doesn’t do justice.


There’s also a handy leaflet in the box showing you how to create some looks, which I think is a great idea in case you’re looking for inspiration.




I’ve got (almost) no complaints when it comes to the swatches, the shimmers are fantastic and I had no problems with pigmentation or fall out, they were probably some of the best shimmers I’ve used. The lighter coloured matte shades were unfortunately slightly on the chalky side though which is to be expected with mattes, but I still can’t help feeling slightly disappointed simply due to the price of the palette. I expect nothing but perfection form a palette costing £45! Other than that I’m still really glad I bought this as I love all of the shades – overall this really is a fantastic palette!

I’d love to hear if you have this palette? Or of it’s on your wish list?

I hope you enjoyed my review! xxx




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