Ugly Christmas Jumpers

Ugly Christmas Jumpers

Hi Guys!

Now December is officially looming upon us I feel I can freely talk about the ‘C’ word without upsetting any one – oh except my other half, who believes all Christmas presents should be bought on Christmas eve, and the tree should be up for no more than two weeks, yes his name is Scrooge. Today I was going to talk about ‘Novelty Jumpers of Christmas Past’ – you know the ones, you were ten years old and dreaded opening that present from Granny, you knew it would be another hideous knitted Christmas jumper that you’d be forced to wear on Christmas day, and you’d even have to write her a thank you card telling her how much you loved it. Then because she thought you loved it, she’d knit you an even more hideous one the next year. Ahh good times!

Unfortunately I have no photographic evidence of any of my old Christmas jumpers to show you (they were probably ‘accidentally’ distroyed at some point) Even one of my more recent favourite Christmas jumpers, a vintage black number with gold sparkly snowflakes all over has seemed to miss being caught on camera.

Over the last few years, Christmas jumpers have officially become a ‘thing’, whether you go for novelty, cheesy, or traditional, you are no one if you don’t have some sort of Christmas jumper. This was last year’s effort –

christmas jumper 2

And no I don’t know who those people are. I have this jumper but can’t find it and can’t find any pictures of me in it I’m afraid! I have to say I’m a big fan of the brighter / louder / more ridiculous the better! IF IT LIGHTS UP THEN I WANT IT!

christmas jumper let it snow

This year though, New Look have kindly sent me this Brave Soul -Let It Snow Jumper, I think it’s rather smart and understated really! – it’s also currently reduced from £24.99 to £18.50 too! 😀 New Look have loads of awesome jumpers in stock so make sure you check out their site if you’re still looking for one!

To celebrate the modern day Crimbo jumper tradition, I thought I’d put together a few amazing / ugly / hideous Christmas jumpers for your enjoyment and possible inspiration…


christmas jumper 4

christmas jumper 3

christmas jumper 5

christmas jumper 6christmas jumper 7

I particularly like the ‘cone-boob-snowmmans-nose’ DIY one, I may try this myself 🙂

So what do you think of this new tradition? Are you a Crimbo jumper fan or wouldn’t be seen dead on one?

I hope you enjoyed my post! xxx




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