Forgotten Fashion Brands of the 90’s…

Forgotten Fashion Brands of the 90’s…

Hi Guys!

Whilst chatting away on Twitter the other evening, I started talking about ASOS, and that I remember when it was originally As Seen On Screen – I wonder how many of you remember those days? They used to copy celebrity looks and you could search for clothing by celebrity. This is what their site looked like in 2000!

Screen shot 2009-10-19 at 23.35.35

This took the conversation onto other brands of our youth, and I also realised that next year it’ll have been 20 years since I started high school – arrrgh! I do love a bit of nostalgia, so on the back of this I thought I’d gather together some of the best forgotten brands and products of my youth.

If you grew up in the 90’s like I did, why don’t you take a little trip with me down memory lane…

Lets start with Global Hypercolor colour changing tshirts… these were simply magical. Who needed expensive gadgets and computer consoles when you could watch your hot and sweaty areas change hypercolor tshirt

School bags looked like this…  I managed to lose the key for the lock from my Head bag and had to cut it open with scissors, oops.

head bag 90s

They also looked like this…

nike 90s school bag

Or this… I had a bright orange World Dance record bag!

technics 90s record bag

And you carried your P.E kit in one of these… (or possibly an orange Jane Norman rope handle bag?) Anything else was not acceptable.

90s river island bag

We had Pod and Kickers school shoes. Those rubber soles didn’t last long though!

pod and kickers 90s shoes

Spliffy jeans and Jackets… The baggier the jeans the better, preferably black. Must have the little spiffy figure embroidered on the bum or don’t bother.

spliffy logo

Naf Naf and The Sweater Shop we the most coveted labels of the early nineties… I never owned either!

naf naf

the sweater shop

Adidas Poppers… Say no more.

adidas poppers

Jeffrey Rogers and Bay Trading were the shops to go to on a Saturday…

bay trading

As were these…

90s fashion logos

Chipie Trainers… These were the first ‘fashion’ trainers, that I can recall not being from a sport brand. I remember it like it was yesterday, seeing the beautiful silver leather pair in my mums Freemans catalogue. Of course I wasn’t allowed them 🙁

chipie 90s trainers

Kangol accessories… Hats, shoes, scarves, bags. I had a Kangol pencil tin. You needed that kangaroo logo on your outfit somewhere.

kangol oasis hat

Massive Fila American style basketball trainers… I had white Fila trainers and a blue and black Fila coat 😀

fila 90s basketball trainers

On that note, did anyone have a pair of these?? (Fila has had a bit of a resurgence lately, check them out on ASOS)

90s fila heels

This brings me on to Spice Girls style Buffalo platform trainers…

spice girls platform boots

Back to ‘normal’ trainers now… Hi Tec’s or Nicks if you were not so well off or if your parents hated you (mine did) and Reebok Pumps or Nike Air Max if you were A GOD.

nike air max

reebok pumps

Tommy Hilfiger was everywhere… That red, white and blue logo was instantly recognisable. The only Hilfiger that the kids round my way wore came from the Sunday market though. Not quite the same thing!

tommy hilfiger 90s

Kappa tracksuits… Those two thoughtful looking silhouettes sitting back to back became the emblem of a generation – and ‘ Kappa slappers’ across the country. I love the Vicky Pollard parody!

kappa vicky pollard

Massive Helly Hansen coats that made you look five times bigger than you really were… They also cost a fortune.

helly hansen coat

Helter Skelter bomber jackets and record bags… All the cool kids were into happy hardcore in the early to mid nineties; Helter Skelter, Dreamscape and World Dance were the names to wear. Somehow this branded clothing was the height of cool… even though it all came from the Sunday market.

helter skelter bomber jacket

(I had this Dreamscape poster in my bedroom)

dreamscape poster

I’ll leave it there for now, I could go on! Other brands worth a mention though were Joe Bloggs, Pepe jeans, Stussy, and Paul Frank. Let me know if you think of any more!

We didn’t have mobile phones, or internet (except in school) and we definitely didnt have social media. God I loved the nineties. I wouldn’t change a thing!

If you liked this, you might also like my Must Have Beauty Products From The 90’s post! I hope this brought back some memories! xxx




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  1. 25 December, 2014 / 3:23 pm

    This post really did bring back some memories! If it wasn’t me dressing that way, it was my cousins or my brothers! I don’t think these trends could work again, not with so many fond memories of them all already. 😛

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