The Body Shop: Testing on Bloggers

The Body Shop: Testing on Bloggers


Hi Guys!

Today I’m going to test out and review some fantastic Body Shop products, but first, did you know The Body Shop have teamed up with the RSPCA to create awareness of their new Make over the world campaign, called Testing on Bloggers?

The Make Over The World campaign includes ten companies across the globe that have committed to not using animals to develop new products or ingredients, not marketing further products in countries where animal testing is required, and also helping to further the development of humane alternative methods.

After reading about the campaign I was shocked to find out that around 27,000 animals are estimated to still be used for cosmetics testing across the world. This includes the use of mice, rats and rabbits – this is just terrible to think about, and so so sad.

The Body Shop DO NOT test on animals, all their products are vegetarian, and they also support fair trade, so I’m really happy to try out a fantastic bundle of their products to find out if they really are as good as other brands.


First up I have a couple of brushes – The Face & Body Brush (£16.00) and Eyeshadow Blender (£10.00).

Both brushes are cruelty free and made of super-soft synthetic hair. The Face & Body Brush is perfect for applying loose powder or bronzer over face, neck and décolletage, and the Eyeshadow Blender Brush is a soft, round-tipped brush that’s tailor made for blending eyeshadow seamlessly. I’m very impressed with how soft yet firm both of these brushes are, my only quibble is the flared end which I’m not used to. It probably sounds a bit weird but I just felt them a bit unusual to hold and manoeuvre! It’s no biggie though, there still great brushes 🙂



Next are the Colour Crush Eyeshadows in Oh, Honey! 105 and Head in the Sky 510 (£7.00 each)

The Colour Crush eyeshadows are described as being intensely pigmented whether you go for a matte or pearlescent finish, with a silky soft texture that can be used wet or dry. Oh Honey! is a nude shimmer shade verging on champagne, it has a silky soft texture that really is a dream to apply and work with. This shade is perfect for a veil of shimmer over the lid, or built up in the inner corners for a highlight.

Head in the Sky is vivid cornflower blue with a matte finish. I’ve found that matte eyeshadows often fail to live up to their shimmer / satin / pearl counterparts due to the finish making the texture quite chalky, I’m pleased to say though that The Body Shop’s matte formula is excellent! It has a silky texture that’s very similar to Oh, Honey! and gave fantastic colour payoff even considering the light shade. I’m very impressed with both of these eyeshadows!



Next is the Shimmer Waves compact in Bronze (£16.00)

This is a pretty five shade compact in a clear casing, at first though I wasn’t sure if it was an eyeshadow or face product, as you’ll see on the images above, the brow shade is pretty dark!

Well it is in fact a face compact. The Body shop’s description doesn’t really give me too much information, just that you can use the shades together or individually. I’ve swatched them individually above so you can see what each shade looks like, and I found the top two shades worn mixed together give a lovely shimmery blush, and the lightest shade makes a good highlight. The formula is similar to The Body Shop’s eyeshadows so it’s super silky and blendable which is great. I personally think the brown shade is too dark – for my pale skin tone at least – so maybe this compact would suit darker skins (or of course you could use it as an eyeshadow palette!)


And the lovely Colour Crush Lipstick in Red Siren 101 (£10.00)

Red Siren (which strangely doesn’t have the shade name on the casing, just the number) is a beautiful almost true red, with intense pigmentation and a creamy semi-matte finish. I really feel this is halfway between a cream and a matte finish, which I really like. It’s comfortable to wear and lasts a good few hours before reapplication is needed.


And lastly the Liquid Eyeliner in black (£9.00) and Define and Lengthen Mascara in black (£10.00)

I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of liquid eyeliners – this one has a fine felt-tipped applicator to give you extra control and a super fine line, which it definitely does, but the product itself isn’t the deepest black I’m afraid. It does last but it fails on pigmentation for me.

The Define and Lengthen Mascara on the other hand, was really pretty good. It defined, it kind of lengthened – my lashes are super short so this is a difficult feat for any mascara – but it didn’t give me clumpy lashes at all, whilst definitely thickening them up. I think this would make a great day time mascara for when you don’t want too heavy a look.


So there we have it! The Body Shop really do offer some pretty good cosmetics! Apart from a couple of issues, over all I’m really impressed with the items I’ve reviewed. I’d highly recommend their Colour Crush Eyeshadows and Lipsticks!

This makes me think though – if The Body Shop can create these fantastic cosmetics and brushes without testing on animals at all, why can’t other companies do the same??

If you haven’t already, please take a look at the Make over the world campaign to learn more about what the RSPCA are doing and how you can get involved.

I hop you enjoyed my review xxx

This post contains samples provided for review




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