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Hi Guys!

I’ve got another new addition to show you from one of my favourite new brands today – this is the Balloon Pop Skybreaker Lasting Silky Eyeliner Set from Glo & Ray.

I’ve previously tried out quite a few of Glo & Ray’s products, including their Lip Colour Set and Skybreaker Eyeliner in Golden Age which I loved, so I had really high hopes for this amazing looking set! The Balloon Pop collection includes six eyeliners in shades –

  • Orchid 306, a deep metallic purple.
  • Summer Sky 307, a bright matte sky blue.
  • Forest Green 308, a deep matte green.
  • Rosy Candy 309, an intense matte pink.
  • Midnight Black 300, a deep matte black.
  • Champagne Pink 302, a sheer glittery champagne.

The set includes four new shades (the first four on the list above), with three of them previously unavailable individually and one – Rosy Candy, which is exclusive to the set.


Firstly, before I get to the products, I really need to tell you about the packaging. The set outer sleeve is made of thick matte finish card and printed in graphic bold colours. This does not look like your standard makeup set by any means, and I love that it’s different! You slide the sleeve off to reveal the white heavy matte card box inside…


…then you pull off the lid of the box (which is pretty tight) to reveal the exclusive Rosy Candly liner, which is nestled snugly in a thick foam case with a matte ombre finished card on top. There’s a white silky tab sticking out at the bottom, which you grab to lift this section up to reveal the further five liners below.


Oh and on the back of the Rosy Candy liner section, Glo & Ray have also included a pencil sharpener. I love this additional detail, which they didn’t have to include, and I really can’t emphasise enough how beautiful and luxurious this packaging is. You would expect to see these materials and this quality of finish from the highest of premium brands.


So hopefully you get the idea that the packaging is pretty special! Now lets get to the eyeliners!

The Skybreaker formula is amazingly soft and smooth, the pencils don’t pull or drag at all and you’ll see by the swatches below that you literally only need one swipe to create a fantastically pigmented line. The Skybreaker liners use ultra-adhesion formula technology to make the shades rich and intense, and they’re also waterproof and completely budge proof – I’ve been wearing the purple liner today and It’s stayed put all day.


I think the selection of shades included are fantastic. I love the fact that you have a base black here as an addition to a wide range of bright colours so you can experiment and create different looks!


And lastly the swatches. You can see the purple and blue shades only have one line, this is because the tips broke off on these two pencils. The formula really is super soft, and I may have been a bit heavy handed… You literally need no force when using these liners, imagine them to be like a liquid liner, you just draw a line and you’re done!

The Glo & Ray Ballon Pop Lasting Silky Eyeliner Limited Set is £28.00 from the Glo & Ray site which I think is an excellent price. This makes the liners only £4.66 each, and that’s without counting the fabulous packaging. This set gets top marks from me, and if you’re thinking of experimenting with colours on your eyes I’d highly recommend it.

I hope you enjoyed my review! xxx

This post contains a sample provided for review

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