My MAC Lipstick Collection – The Brights

My MAC Lipstick Collection – The Brights



Hi Guys!

Following on from my MAC Lipstick Collection post last week, I said I was going to gather together the lipsticks into smaller (more manageable) groups to show you and swatch for you. I’m starting this week with the brights – this includes the brighter pink and coral shades, as well as the oranges and my one and only red MAC lipstick, I’m not sure how I only own one red! Ok well there is a very dark shade of red I own too, which was one of the ones I missed out of the original post, but I don’t class it as a bright at all, so I’ll be adding it to another group.

I think the brights are actually one of my favourite groups, just looking at them makes me happy! I don’t know about you but I love a bright pink lippie to cheer me up – they’re also a good distraction from a bad hair day! 🙂 Ok so let’s take a look at the shades…



Pinkfringe (Satin) This is a limited edition lipstick from the beautifully packaged Proenza Schouler collection. It’s a bright coral pink shade and it comes out lighter than you’d expect due to the satin finish. This is perfect to brighten the complexion without full on opaque colour. It has a semi sheer finish with a sheen.

Impassioned (Amplified) This is a gorgeous bright summery pink with a slight sheen. Amplified is such a fantastic finish as you get the pigmentation on a Matte lipstick, but without the drying effect.

Good Kisser (Matte) This is from the A Novel Romance collection, it’s a mid deep toned fuchsia with a matte finish, and it’s gorgeous! The matte finish means it lasts for hours on end and it doesn’t transfer onto your teeth – which I’m always paranoid about with brighter shades!

Embrace Me (Matte) This is a gorgeous cool bright pink shade, even though it has a matte finish, it’s really comfortable to wear and has almost a slight sheen to it. This shade is perfect for a statement bright lip if you’re looking for an alternative to red.

Kelly Yum Yum (Satin) This is from the Osbournes collection, it’s a really similar shade to Embrace me, but this has a satin finish rather than matte. Even though it’s a satin shade, it’s still super highly pigmented and one of my favourite pinks.



And the two oranges and single red shade –

Saigon Summer (Creme Sheen) If you fancy flirting with orange shades for summer, but don’t want to go too full on, Saigon Summer would be perfect because its Cream Sheen finish means you get a lovely sheer colour, with a super hydrating and creamy finish.

Morange (Amplified) Possibly the brightest orange lipstick I’ve ever seen, this is definitely not for the faint hearted! Morange is almost neon and completely in your face, I love it!

True Red (Amplified) This is the most perfect brightest red a girl could ask for, it’s from the Pedro Lourenco collection and also comes in limited edition rubberised casing. I’d easily choose this over Lady Danger any day due to it’s Amplified finish. I used to own Lady Danger but sold it in the end as I found that particular shade to be too drying.

I have to say it’s been so lovely to sort through my collection and try all these shades out again! With MAC lipsticks being in the same style cases (except the limited editions) it’s easy to forget which colours I have and don’t have, I think that’s how I’ve ended up with so many similar nude shades! Look out for these coming up on the blog this time next week and you’ll see what I mean!

I’d love to hear what your favourite bright MAC lipstick is? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx





  1. 11 April, 2015 / 4:11 pm

    Wow you do love your lipsticks what a fab collection.

  2. Laura
    11 April, 2015 / 6:41 pm

    Oh wow what a collection! I don’t have a MAC counter in the nearest city to me (appalling!!) so I still haven’t tried any, I really want to give a few of their nudes a go so I look forward to seeing your post on that next week x

  3. Globalmouse
    14 April, 2015 / 1:22 pm

    They are such lovely colours – perfect for this time of year, love them!

  4. fritha
    19 April, 2015 / 8:52 pm

    oh I love love Mac lipsticks! rather jealous of your collection! x

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