An Unplanned Break…

An Unplanned Break…


Hi Guys!

So this is my first post in a just over a week, and it’s definitely felt strange not blogging for this length of time, but I feel so much better (in many ways) for taking a break.

This break was very much un-planned. It just kind of happened. I started off coming down with a horrible cold about a week and a half ago. You know the type where you just feel terrible in the build up, and you know you’re going to end up with a severe case of man flu! I then went to the Suffolk Blogger Meet in Bury St Edmunds last weekend (my post will be coming up soon) and had a very busy day in London on Wednesday. I was still pretty ill but managed to hold it together and reach all my appointments on time – yay! I didn’t get home till 1.30am the next morning though, so I felt really rough again on Thursday – serves me right hey! Anyway, I’ve basically had and still have a horrible case of man flu, with that, plus travelling, plus it’s now half term, and plus I’ve been trying to sort out my new writing and photography area, the total has accumulated to me having a good week off from writing.

My initial thoughts on this could definitely be described as a light form of panic –

‘Oh no, I haven’t blogged…!’ 

‘and I have so many posts to write…’

“I must apologise to my readers…’

‘…and what about my stats!?’

Etc etc. You know how it goes, that dreaded feeling of doom and guilt all bloggers have whenever we have more than a day off. Then after a while I realised that none of this really matters.

Posts can be caught up with, readers very rarely notice let alone comment if a blogger has been absent for a while, and my stats are absolutely fine.

I think it’s really common for bloggers to not allow themselves a break, and ‘blogger burnout’ is a very real thing that many of us have to deal with at some point. I for one definitely feel so much better for taking a week off. So if you need some time to yourself, just do it. Seriously, the world isn’t going to come to an end because you didn’t publish a post for a while.

On a more exciting note, I’ve got lots of awesome things coming up on the blog – including new beauty products, Christmassy gift ideas, lifestyle posts and much more. I’ve included some of the gorgeous beauty products in the image above just to give you a little taster. I’ll also be showing you very soon my new blogging area which I’ve just set up in my kitchen (I just noticed on the above pic you can see the reflection of my dishwasher in one of the palettes, ha ha!)

So please do stick around to check these out, and I hope you enjoyed my post xxx




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