Stocking Filler Ideas for Men

Stocking Filler Ideas for Men


Hi Guys!

In my experience, when it comes to Christmas, men are (usually) pretty easy to buy for. Unless my Dad asks for something specific, he will always get a combination of socks / tobacco / Bacardi / whiskey – and he’s happy as Larry. My other half, he has some sort of weird sock fetish and seems to buy multi packs of them whenever we go to the supermarket, so no socks for him! He’s really into his hobbies though, which at the moment include brewing his own beer and metal detecting. So he’ll be getting some sort of book on metal detecting, as well as something with chills in it, and possibly a new Christmas jumper.

Toiletries are always a handy stocking filler though, things that are useful such as body spray, shower gel, shaving products, these are always greatly received in my family as they’re pretty much guaranteed to get used! So I’ve put together a few stocking filler ideas below for the men in your family…


For the bearded man in your life, what about some fancy beard oil? I have a couple here from brand Menrock, in Soul and Blues (£14.50 each)

Soul is described as a fun, good time scent, and it’s designed to act like a light cologne as well as a beard softener. Suitable for all skin types, this beard oil is formulated with natural ingredients, including Vitamin E, which help to nourish the beard and moisturise the skin beneath it.

Blues also includes Vitamin E oil, as well as cypress, grapeseed oil and vetivert. This beard product helps nourish your skin and beard. Follicles are also conditioned and softened, making beards softer, thicker and healthier.


On the subject of beards, what about a tube of Neville Shaving Cream? This is £14.00 for 100ml and contains moisturising olive fruit oil and soothing, plant-based bisabolol, which help to restore skin for a more youthful complexion, as well as organic Aloe vera which is rich in essential nutrients needed to soothe and repair, whilst its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce irritation from shaving.



If your guy is more into the hair on his head that on his face, there’s also a couple of fab products from Americal Crew worth checking out. The American Crew Defining Paste (£10.75) is the perfect product to give body to those with limp and lifeless hair. Suitable for those with longer styles, this product has a waxy consistency that provides medium hold with a matte finish. Containing Lanolin, Beeswax and Glycerin, this product gives hair a much-needed moisture boost to keep it in prime condition, whilst adding definition and texture to your style.

If his hair is shorter, the American Crew Fiber (£11.15) could be the product for him. Fiber has developed a cult following amongst professional hair stylists, and it gives a fabulous matt texture without any shine. Perfect for contemporary chopped and textured styles, this product provides control and flexibility with a natural matte look.


If you’re on the hunt for slightly more purse-friendly products, The Real Shaving Company have some fantastic shaving products that won’t break the bank –

Their Traditional Shaving Cream (£3.99) provides a rich creamy lather that cushions and lifts bristles away from the skin, for ultimate friction-free shaving. It contains moisturising organic cocoa butter and willow bark to reduce razor drag, leaving skin feeling supple and conditioned.

The Real Shaving Company also have a nice Anti-Ageing Sensitive Moisturiser (£4.99) with Q10 technology to target wrinkles for younger, firmer looking skin. Also suitable for sensitive skin, this soothing product aims to revitalise and moisturise skin, leaving a non-oily matte finish.


And lastly – I don’t know about yours, but my other half constantly has little piles of ‘stuff’ laying around the kitchen. There’ll be a pile of change next to the kettle, a few screws, a pencil and nuts and bolts next to the sink, and not to mention various receipts, scraps of paper with ‘important notes’ on and other bits and pieces laying around. If you have a partner that’s similar, and it drives you up the wall, I think the Man Tin (£6.99) is a great idea for a Christmas present! 🙂 Check out Qwerkity’s site where the have a fantastic range of other Christmas gifts for men.

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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  1. Shelley Jessup
    10 December, 2015 / 12:35 am

    given me some ideas here thank you so mcuh!

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