Beauty: NEW Burberry Liquid Lip Velvets

Beauty: NEW Burberry Liquid Lip Velvets

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Today, hot off the press, I have some gorgeous new products from luxury British brand Burberry – their brand new Liquid Lip Velvets. Described as a new statement-making matte cream colour with a comforting whipped texture, these new liquid lipsticks sound pretty amazing…

“Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet is a fantastic matte lip colour because you can build it up to create a bold matte finish but it still feels incredibly comfortable and lightweight on the lips.” Burberry Make-up Artistic Consultant Wendy Rowe.

Ok so what’s so special about these? Well those that regularly wear liquid lipsticks with a matte finish will know they can often feel quite drying and uncomfortable on the lips. Burberry’s new Liquid Lip Velvets have an appealing sounding formula offering a comforting, whipped texture that promises to keep lips supple and moisturised – all while providing rich, bold pigment which lasts for up to eight hours.

So are they as good as they sound? Well on removing the applicator from the tube, the first thing that I noticed was the product itself is very thick – I was expecting a fairly thin liquid much like your standard liquid lipsticks, but these are surprisingly thick and creamy.

On application the pigmentation is just perfect, it’s completely opaque with one swipe and the colour is intense and basically everything you’d want from a liquid lipstick. The formula promises to be non-drying and comfortable on the lips – which it definitely is. When applied, the lipstick really does feel super light, like you’re not wearing anything on your lips, and you don’t get that tight, dry and sometimes flaky feeling that comes with wearing certain other liquid lipsticks.

I found that I got around 6 hours of good wear out of these before I felt the need to re-apply, and they do really feel lighter than air and completely comfortable to wear for a full day – so they definitely get a thumbs up from me!

I’m sorry to say that my swatches really don’t do these shades justice – but you can see just how amazingly well pigmented they are. Here are the shades from top to bottom –

  • Magenta – an intense bright pink
  • Fawn – a mid plum rose beige
  • Light Nude – a light peach beige

If you’d like to see any ‘real life’ swatches please do let me know – I’ve recently started sharing new products and swatches on Instagram Stories, so please do follow me here and feel free to get in touch!

If you’re looking for a new luxury liquid lipstick, I’d definitely advise you to check these out! Burberry Liquid Lip Velvets are $34.00 each and available now at Sephora, and there are also a few shades available for at Net-A-Porter now too.

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