The Big Knickers Revolution.

The Big Knickers Revolution.

Hi Guys!

If I say ‘Big Knickers!’, I imagine most people will instantly think of this – Bridget Jones and the ‘Enormous Panties’ scene.

big knickers

Well wether you like it or not, big knickers are in, (and yes I do like this by the way!) they’re not only in but they’re fashionable. Just look, Dita’s wearing them… and looking rather awesome.

Dita Von Teese modeling the lingerie range big knickers she created for Aussie retailer Target-748547

Miley and Jessie are wearing them…

Miley-and-Jessie-J-big knickers

And Rihanna’s wearing them.

Rihanna big knickers

Need I say any more?

Well actually, yes. Apart from pop stars wearing them on stage, us mere mortals probably wont have our pants on display in public. The other type of big knickers, which we do wear though are big functional knickers. Knickers that hold it all in, smooth down any lumps and bumps, and just make you look fabulous in whatever you’re wearing over them. Beyonce and Taylor know what I mean…


beyonce big knickers

taylor swift big knickers

Shapewear undies really are something every girl should own, if you want to suck it in and smooth it down, you should try a pair of these Adjustable Rise Waistline Knickers by Naomi & Nicole from Shapewear. I’ve tried them and I’m really impressed. Shapewear knickers have come a long way since the days of Bridget Jones – these ones have some nifty features including a ‘Wonderful Edge’ waistband, meaning there is a thin rubber grip on the inside edge, so your pants will sit exactly where you want them to. They also feature a single-ply and an adjustable rise that will allow you to place the waistline where it is most comfortable for you while making your body smoother. These are also a ‘Wonderful Seam’ product meaning they will not be visible through your clothes and can be adjusted for different body types and torso lengths. I have a pair and they’re fantastic, they do exactly wait it says on the tin and are really comfortable to wear. 🙂



I also wore something similar under my wedding dress, all will be revealed shortly! xxx




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