ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum Review

ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum Review

Hey Guys!

Todays post is a review of ESPA’s new Optimal Skin ProSerum!

Firstly, I should probably explain, I’m brand new to ESPA (I know, yes I probably have been living under a rock for my entire life) I’ve just never got round to trying their products out – so when I saw the chance to trial this ProSerum sample, I nabbed it up!

espa proserum

So what is ProSerum? ProSerum is a face treatment combining a ‘super serum containing potent actives to feed the skin, with a face treatment oil that includes powerful essential oils, to help strengthen the skin on a cellular level’

espa serum

Ok so it sounds pretty good! I’ve always been a fan of serums and oils, and this product combines the two so that’s got to be a bonus!. The product is supposed to strengthen skin, promote healthy, youthful, radiant looking skin, and offer instant, as well as long term results. What’s not to like!?

My trial came in a generously sized 8ml glass bottle, with a mini pipette for easy application. I’m about half way through the bottle now, it’s definitely going to last a long time!

espa review

The key ingredients and benefits include –

  • Tumeric – to enhance skin radiance, brighten and even skin tone.
  • Rose Hip and Echium Oil – to promote healthy and beautiful looking skin.
  • White Lupin – to powerfully increase elasticity and skin firmness.
  • Kalpariane Seaweed Extract – to lock in vital moisture.
  • Sunflower Seed – to actively strengthen skin and protect.
  • Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil – to protect and regenerate skin cells.
  • Balloon Plant – to lovingly calm and comfort.
  • Rose and Patchouli essential Oils – to gently soothe and balance.

espa proserum review

So what did I think? After using this product for a couple of weeks – mostly before bed – I’m definitely in love! You just press a few drops onto cleansed skin every day and Bob’s your uncle! My skin feels instantly softer and more supple, and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin’s appearance since I’ve been using this. I guess the best way I can describe it is my skin just feels a bit more healthy, a bit brighter, and less dry and dull. The product also has a lovely scent due to the essential oils 🙂

Have you tried this product? I’d love to hear what you thought if you have! Do you love any other ESPA products? I’m interested in trying some more so please let me know your recommendations!

I hope you enjoyed my post! xxx





  1. Beauty Balm
    30 November, 2013 / 7:51 pm

    Great review! I love this! I’ve tried some ESPA moisturisers before which were fab x

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