My Best Friend is a Diamond Because…

My Best Friend is a Diamond Because…

Hi Guys!

Today the lovely peeps at 77 Diamonds have asked me to write a post telling you all about my best friend, which I think is a lovely idea – and we could win £1000 worth of goodies too!! 😀

So, my bestest chum in the whole wide world is Kat, who I refer to as Hot Pants. And it’s been such a long time I don’t actually remember why! It’s crazy to think we’ve been best friends since the age of 11, and we’re now coming up 30!! (Warning: this post will contain lots of embarrassing & odd photos!)

Kat and I first met at an after school group called Woodcraft Folk when we were about 7 years old, back in those days we were both wannabe hippies, making tie dye tee shirts and spending our time camping and orienteering, I also became a vegetarian and pretended I liked Nirvana…

We had loads of fun at the after school club then made friends again when we started hanging around with the same group of friends at high school. We soon became inseparable. We share a strange special sense of humour, and have so many in-jokes I can’t even begin! We used to have old writing books at school that we’d write letters to each other in, we’d draw cartoons of our friends and discuss boys and girls stuff! I really wanted to include some pages but I couldn’t find the books. I did however find a box of old letters… believe it or not, in the days before Twitter and Facebook we actually wrote REAL letters to each other!!


There weren’t many letters from Kat as most were in our books, but I did find this little gem, written in code, I have no idea what it says!


So to celebrate our almost 20 years of best friend-ness, here are some pictures of us being fabulous and ridiculous!


This is the earliest photo I could dig out, before the days of all this new fangled technology like digital cameras and mobile phones. This was our last day of school in May 2000, I’m on the left in the hat if you don’t recognise me. I couldn’t find any old photos from school (luckily) There were some amazing 90’s fashions I remember us sporting though; Kat always used to wear lilac bootcut trousers, and I famously wore her bright orange bra with a black see through net tunic over the top and my legendary white flared trousers for a youth club disco. I’m pretty sure we were covered in boys that night!!


So fast forward a bit, we must have been about 20 here. Most weekends we would go out for a drink or ten and take a whole load of photos of us pulling stupid faces at the camera 🙂


Ahh Magaluf 2008 foam party. Good times! This holiday was nicknamed ‘Erotica 2008’ I have no idea why…


Makin some shapes on the dance floor!


Good times!


I started having fancy dress parties for my birthday, Kat was always guaranteed to turn up in a great outfit!


This soon escalated to ‘I wonder how many pegs I can fit on my face?’ I think I won that one.


A Where’s Wally? chair for Gaga and cave woman.


And one of our most recent photos from a ‘Mad Hat’ themed birthday party.

Now that we’re older, I’m married and have a little boy, and Kat has one on the way, hopefully rather than grow up gracefully there will be much more fun and silliness to come! 😀 xxx

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