Guest Post – My Favourite Foundations

Guest Post – My Favourite Foundations

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I try a lot of drug store foundations as it is truly really hard to find ones that you stick to for a while. I love to try out new foundations all the time but find myself really confused to which one is truly a good fit for my skin tone. Last year I decided to stick to ones that I knew worked and that was the Rimmel wake me up foundation, due to wanting to experiment with more eye shadows and other products. I absolutely loved this foundation all last year and it was my go to foundation for nights out and day looks, It does give your skin a bit of a glow but I tend to use it more in the Spring / Summer. Since finding Match Perfection and Photo ready I have been using them more this year, they give my skin more coverage and less sparkle, which is what I want due to wearing a lot of eye make up. This is my own preference because the wake me up gives a lovely glow and coverage too, I just have fallen in love with Revlon photo ready due to the perfect coverage and it gives my skin a really natural look. I am not keen on the foundation sparkling in the winter so that was why I decided to try some more foundations out.

I have all four in my make up draw due to being able to wear Wake me up in the Summer and the others for night and day wear. My all time favourite has to be Photo ready with Match Perfection close behind it. I also tried out the Seventeen foundation due to it being on offer at Boots last year and it has surprised me. It does what it says and it clears up your skin within a couple weeks, I use this as a little concealer in a way when my skin is really bad. I honestly believe that it clears the skin. I probably should not be wearing the Seventeen one under another layer of foundation but for coverage when I have bad skin it works perfectly without looking really layered on.

All four of them are great coverage and work really well all year round for me. I am loving them so much and after trying out so many foundations I do feel these have come up top of them all. I buy all my foundations in Ivory as i want them to not be too dark, then I put bronzer on top of them. I love having a foundation that really covers all the problem areas on my skin. They all apply really well and look perfect once set with powder. I recommend the Seventeen foundation for school as it gives you natural coverage and it helps to clear skin.

Which foundations do you recommend?


Thanks so much for your post Abi! xxx




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  1. 26 February, 2014 / 7:52 pm

    I really want to try the Rimmel foundations as I’ve heard lots of good things about them. The Seventeen one oxidised badly on my skin and turned me into an orange mess! Such a shame as I really wanted to like it.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

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