Nanogen Thickening Hair Fibres Review

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When I saw Nanogen were looking for bloggers on Twitter to review a hair thickening product, I instantly jumped at the chance! If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know I had issues with hair loss last year due to stress, luckily my hair now seems to have stopped falling out but it’s taking forever to start growing again! This has left me with very fine, sparse hair, with noticeable thinning at the front and back.

nanogen review

So what is Nanogen?

Nanogen is basically a tub of really tiny fibres that match your hair colour, you simply shake onto your hair where required and voila! Instant thicker looking hair! The fibres wash out and you just re-apply whenever you require.

Nanogen Fibres is applied within seconds and gives you an instant look of fuller hair. As your hair is top priority, the Nanogen Fibres are simply natural keratin, so are no more damaging than your natural hairs. They’ve been dermatologically tested independently to ensure that they are safe to use every day. Get thicker, fuller hair instantly with Nanogen’s astonishing results!

More about Nanogen Fibres:

  • Instant thicker Hair Unlike anything you have ever seen or heard of before, Nanogen Fibres give you a full head of hair instantly.
  • Patented Technology Nanogens uniques patented technologies give you: 400% stronger binding to hair and Dipolar charged fibres for optimal thickening for an astonishing transformation every time.
  • Easy to use and probably quicker than brushing your teeth! 30 seconds and just 3 steps: Shake, Blend and Secure.
  • 10 Shades for any hair colour.
  • Designed for thinning hair – Every Nanogen product is dermatologically tested and specifically formulated to be gentle for thinning hair: Free of pore blocking SLS/SES, Free of paraben preservatives, Free of glycols, Free of formaldehyde donors and dermatologically tested.

nanogen hair thickening

This is the top of the tub – just shake it on and go!

nanogen fibres

These are what the fibres look like. Like tiny cut hairs, but thinner than human hair, and around 1mm long. I’m using the Medium Brown colour.

nanogen before and after

Here are my before and after pictures! So before – you can see my hair is quite fine and thin at the front around my temples. This one of the places my hair loss affected the most, it also seems to be one of the toughest places for my hair grow back.

nanogen for women

And after! How much better does this look! I’m so impressed!! The shaker was a bit large just for this small area so I tipped some fibres out into my hand and patted them on with my fingers, I’m so happy with this! It’s a subtle difference but really noticeable to me, and I really feel it makes my hair look thicker at the front 😀

So what do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts! xxx

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