Samsung S5 & Case-Mate Brilliance Champagne Case!

Samsung S5 & Case-Mate Brilliance Champagne Case!

case mate brilliance phone case

Hey Guys!

Just look at my amazing new phone case! (And I also have a new phone!) I’ve just upgraded to a Samsung S5, after much deliberation and reading up online I decided this was overall a better phone than the iPhone 5S. So my mahoosive new Samsung arrived and I realised I needed a new case for it. My old case was just a faux leather black flip jobby for my Samsung S2, it was a bit boring and it wouldn’t fit my new phone anyway. So I ended up hunting all over the internet for a new case – I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for either which didn’t help!

I was leaning towards a gold or rose-gold colour but wasn’t overly keen on the ones I saw. Until I stumbled upon the Case-Mate Brilliance Champagne Case – as soon as I saw it I knew it was the one!! The back of the case is covered in tiny champagne and clear coloured crystals, which gives an awesome 3D effect!

bling champagne phone case

brilliance champagne case

crystal phone case

I should tell you a bit about the S5 too really, it comes with loads of nifty features including a finger print scanner to unlock the phone (which can also be used for Paypal payments) it has a heart rate sensor on the back and fitness app already on the phone. The camera is a massive 16mp with HDR (Rich tone) for brighter and vivid pictures, and fast auto focus and selective focus. The phone is also dust and water resistant which is really handy!

samsung s5

So there it is! I’m so pleased with my case! I hope you enjoyed my post xxx




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