My Top Ten Sounds Of Summer 2014!

My Top Ten Sounds Of Summer 2014!


Hi Guys!

I’ve only just realised I haven’t actually bought any new music this year, criminal isn’t it? The last album I bought was Disclosure, which was last summer! Anyway I’ve been getting fed up with listening to the same music over and over again so I thought I’d have a browse around youtube to see which tunes took my fancy.

I listen to the radio at work and I’m really loving house and deep house at the moment. I’ve just downloaded a couple of albums including MOS The Sound of Deep House and I love it! I thought I’d add the videos below to some of my favourite individual tracks at the moment, here’s my top 10 songs for this summer!

Now if these songs don’t make you want to drop everything and take an impromptu trip┬áto the beach I don’t know what will!

hope you enjoyed my post! xxx

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