You Spent How Much On A Nail Polish!?

You Spent How Much On A Nail Polish!?


Hi Guys!

Ok so I would imagine this post doesn’t really need an introduction. You’re either going to think I’m mad, have more money than sense (not true, I think) or possibly think of this as an investment…

So, as soon as I saw the new Christian Louboutin Rouge Nail Colour started doing the rounds on some of the bigger blogs I have to say I was completely wowed. The bottle is so striking and architectural, and kind of intimidating, if a nail polish can be intimidating! Like a massive pair of skyscraper heels! I reeeeally wanted to buy it, but with the price being over £40 (including postage) this is A LOT for any piece of makeup, let alone a nail polish. I saw it was on sale on the Selfridges site and after a bit of umming and ahhhing I decided to buy it anyway as it’s such an iconic piece, and I’m always attracted to a company that can offer me the perfect red nail!


I don’t know if you know the story behind Christian Louboutin? Basically one day Mr L was making a prototype pair of shoes and wanted to them to really stand out, so he grabbed his assistants nail polish and painted the soles red, and this was the beginning of the instantly recognisable brand we know today. What I’d like to know though, is which brand and shade of polish that assistant was using!? Anyway, this polish is supposed to reflect the iconic red soles and be the perfect red, so in theory it should suit any skin tone.


So, my delivery arrived today, and on instant inspection I thought there might be something missing. I took the nail polish out of the packaging to find the bottle itself is housed in a small box, but the lid is not covered at all. I kind of expected a bit more packaging with it, something to protect the massive lid maybe? Anyway, the bottle is gorgeous, it’s large, heavy, and has an ombre finish fading into black that gives it a striking and luxurious feel.


Also, the bottle and lid stand an amazing 8 inches tall, which is the height of Christian Louboutin’s highest pair of shoes, the Ballerina Ultima, blimey riley! Just like like Christian Louboutin’s shoes, this nail polish is a no doubt statement piece. The phrase ‘form over function’ definitely applies here and this polish would definitely look amazing on any dressing table… But what about the actual product?


So onto the actual polish, ok it really is the perfect red! With one coat I got almost full opacity, and with two it’s just spot on. It dried really quickly and has the most amazing high shine finish. It does everything you’d expect for the price! I literally cannot fault the formula or brush. The crazy long brush lid though, this did worry me at first but it’s really not that bad to use, I don’t think I made too much a mess of my nails!? The only thing I can’t tall you at the moment is the staying power / amount of chipping, as I’ve just applied the polish today. I’ll update this post shortly with the results!


So there we have it. This nail polish is officially amazing, it’s by far the best I’ve ever tried, hands down. I know Christian Louboutin will be releasing more colours shortly, I have to say as much as I’d love to own more, I just can’t justify spending that amount of money on a nail polish again!

I’d love to hear what you think! Am I crazy or is this an amazing purchase? xxx





  1. 20 August, 2014 / 10:13 am

    100% buying this when I’m in Selfridges next week, I LOVE! x

  2. GabyFauchon
    21 August, 2014 / 11:10 pm

    Hope this has decent lasting power for the price! x

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