NEW Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipsticks! | Review

NEW Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipsticks! | Review


Hi Guys!

It seems like not a week goes by without another brand new release from Makeup Revolution. I remember when they started they promised they’d be offering regular new products and they weren’t wrong! My latest Makeup Rev fix arrived in the form of a set of brand new Atomic lipsticks.


The Atomic collection includes five lipsticks in shades of purple, bright red and green. There’s no doubt these are an intentional release due to the impending Halloween holiday. I love that Makeup Revolution are bringing out these more ‘daring’ product shades – sure metallic green isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love that they bring something different to the table. It kind of makes me think they’re picking up where Illamasqua left off, almost like a budget version of Illamasqua, bringing more risqué shades and products to the high street. And this is why I love them 🙂



First up we have Magnificent. This is a beautiful high shimmer lavender purple. It’s quite an unusual shade, I’ve racked my brains and I can’t think of any other lipsticks this could compare to. This is probably the most wearable colour out of the set.


Next is Make It Right, this is a deep intense purple again with a shimmer finish. You know I love my purples! This is such a deep, highly pigmented colour, it’s not for the faint hearted!


Next is Ruby, this is a bright red with a hint of pink. It has a clean cream finish and though the lipstick bullet looks a true red, it definitely has a pinkish tone in there. It’s a lovely bright colour and perfect for a statement lip.


Next is Make Me Tonight. This appeared to be a very deep purple, but when applied it has more of a berry / brown tone to it. It’s slightly sheer, which makes it more wearable as the colour isn’t so heavy.


And lastly Serpent. This is an amazing high shimmer deep green shade. Would I actually wear this? I’m not so sure, but if you like experimenting with makeup, or your looking for some devilishly dark colours for Halloween, this should be right up your street!

So what do you think about these lipsticks? I think they’re perfect for Halloween!

The Atomic Lipsticks are available from Superdrug for £1 each.

I hope you enjoyed my review xxx





  1. daisy walters
    16 October, 2014 / 10:32 am

    They are so cool! I love that they are iridescent 🙂

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