NEW & EXCLUSIVE! Makeup Revolution Ultra Velour Lip Creams!

NEW & EXCLUSIVE! Makeup Revolution Ultra Velour Lip Creams!


Hi Guys!

I’m really excited to be one of the first (hopefully the actual first!) people to try out the brand new Ultra Velour Lip Creams from Makeup Revolution!

The Ultra Velour Lip Creams promise to give a gorgeous velour matte finish with ultra intensive colour. They also promise super smooth application with a comfortable finish. We all know matte lip products tend to be drying, so I’ve been putting these lip creams to the test today!


Here are the shades from left to right above.

  • Move Your Mouth Forever – a light nude beige
  • Can’t We Just Make Love Instead – a mid muted plum
  • Not One For Playing Games – a vivid violet purple
  • Sweet Boy With a Big Mouth – a bright clean barbie pink
  • Don’t Bring Me Down – an intense fuschia
  • You’re Not The Best, You’re Not The Last – an intense true red


Swatches without flash above.


And swatches with flash.

Ok so I should let you know my lips are pretty dry at the moment, it’s a problem that always gets worse for me in the winter and try as I might, I can never get my pre-cold weather soft lips back. After trying al the shades out, I can’t stress enough how important it is to prep your lips and make sure they’re as soft and supple as possible before application. I’ve exfoliated my lips and applied balm this morning but you’ll see by the photos below that some of the shades accentuate dryness, and with some of them you can’t even tell I have dry lips…so here goes!


Move Your Mouth Forever – Aaargh! This is by far the hardest to wear colour, it’s a super light beige that could look great if you’re going for a sixties style nude lip but as you can see, both the shade and the formula really didn’t work for me. This one really accentuated my dry lips and did nothing for me, sad face!


Can’t We Just Make Love Instead – This is a lovely easy to wear nude shade, you can only just see some of the dryness on my lips and it felt smooth and comfortable to wear, yay! I’d recommend dipping the wand in the tube a few times to build up the colour with this one.


Not One For Playing Games – You know I’m a big fan of a purple lip, and this product ticks all the boxes for me! The finish is miles apart from Mover Your Mouth Forever, it felt smooth and creamy, almost velvety and it’s also a beautiful not-too-strong purple shade. This one definitely gets a thumbs up from me!


Sweet Boy With a Big Mouth – This shade was super bright and intense, it’s a blue toned pink that’s definitely daring! Again this had a smooth application and also has a great depth of colour. It seems so far that the deeper the shade the better finish you get with these Lip Creams.


Don’t Bring Me Down – This appeared to be an intense fuchsia shade in the tube, but came out fairly sheer when applied even though I tried to build the colour up. I still really like the colour, it’s bright but not too in your face, and feels super smooth and velvety.


You’re Not The Best, You’re Not The Last – Easily my favourite shade along with Not One For Playing Games, this is a beautiful intense true red shade that felt like a dream to wear. The colour is spot on, as is the formula. You need this on your wish list this Christmas!

Ok so there we have it, apart from Move Your Mouth Forever which I didn’t rate at all, I’m happy with most of the shades and super impressed with two of them. The Ultra Velour Lip Creams are only £3 each and will be available from Superdrug from tomorrow (05/12/14)

I hope you enjoyed my review! I’d love to hear what you think? xxx

This post contains samples provided for review




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