The Perfect Pumpkin Face Mask for Halloween…

The Perfect Pumpkin Face Mask for Halloween…


Hi Guys!

I’ve got a brand new face mask to show you today! The Dermaquest Mini Pumpkin Mask promises to decongest and exfoliate in just two minutes and for no more than 50p per application – how great does that sound!?

This really is the perfect mask to try out for Halloween – It’s main ingredient is Pumpkin Pulp which apart from being totally relevant right now is also both anti-bacterial and rich in enzymes that actively digest excess skin cells. I just imagine it gobbling up all the dead skin! Kind of cool, kind of eww right! It also contains AHAs which gently decongest clogged pores, leaving you with a clean and polished complexion. This mask is advertised as being ideal for mild forms of acne and pigmentation too; rich in antioxidants, the mask is anti-inflammatory and prevents future breakouts by controlling the production of comedones – small black or white coloured spots that occur as part of acne breakouts. It’s also safe for sensitive skin – which is good news for me!

The Mini Pumpkin Mask formulation comprises 4% Mandelic Acid (which is anti-ageing, anti-acne and brightening) and 3% Lactic Acid (an effective pigment inhibitor that is intensely hydrating). These are the AHAs which gently clear out clogged pores leaving you with a polished complexion.

The product is a translucent orange with a lovely cinnamon scent, it just reminded me of christmas! I applied a 50p sized amount to cleansed skin and left it to work it’s magic for a couple of minutes. The instructions say 2-5 minutes but I prefer to err on the side of caution when trying new masks due to my sensitive skin. I felt a slight tingly sensation at first, I’m guessing it was doing it’s thing! this did concern me momentarily but I needn’t have worried, as soon as I washed off with cold water I could tell my skin was fine. It was left slightly red and blotchy (but definitely no signs of an allergic reaction, yay!) which calmed down after a short while. My face was also super silky and felt lovely the next day too!

The Mini Pumpkin Mask is £28 for 56.7g. It does sound pretty expensive, but you only need a tiny amour of product for a full mask, and Dermaquest say you can get 56 masks out of a tube, making them only 50p each. So when you put it like that it really is a bargain!

I also have a Dermaquest cleanser which I’ll be reviewing shortly, I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of their products?

I hope you enjoyed my review xxx




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