Wantable October Makeup Box | Review

Wantable October Makeup Box | Review


Hi Guys!

It’s time for another Wantable box! October’s box definitely looked to be a good one on first glance, this is the only box (I think) that’s had five items in! Yay! I’ve got a great mixture of eye, lip and face products, so let’s get stuck in…



First up is the Ofra Blush Illuminating Stripes ($29.95)

These unique blushes are made with high-grade pearls and pigments pressed using sophisticated technology exclusive to OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories. Once applied, Blush Stripes highlight your cheek bones in any light giving every face the illusion of ever-increasingly popular high cheekbones (think Kim Kardashian) while also providing the natural, pink glow every woman desires and expects from a quality blush. These product can double-duty as a four-colored eye shadow powder as well, making the Blush Stripes an economic cosmetic option that feels like a splurge.

Good points – I love these shades individually! The highlight is fab and you only need a tiny bit for your whole face. The blush shades are also super pretty used sparingly.

Not so good points – I tried applying the stripes in one swoop – using a wide brush I made sure I picked up each of the colours and stroked it on, making sure the highlight was on top of my check bone and the bronzer underneath. This did not work! Firstly the four stripes next to each other were too wide for my face so they didn’t sit right, and secondly the shades were way more pigmented and shimmery than I expected, even after blending in I still looked like a shimmery clown. But I still think this is a great product used sparingly.



Next is the Eddie Funkhouser 16h 4-way Liquid Concealer in Light ($10.99)

The 4-way Liquid Concealer is a dynamic multi-tasker formula designed to: 1. Neutralize redness, 2. Correct dark circles, 3. Brighten and conceal 4. Soften the appearance of fine lines.

Good points – I have serious dark circles and under eye bags so I really had high hopes for this product. And I have to say I was rather pleasantly surprised! It looks like a pretty standard liquid concealer, but after it’s dried it leaves a lovely matte finish that DOESNT CRACK. This is really important to my as most concealers crack into the fine lines under my eyes. This one does not.

Not so good points – My only complaint is this is not quite a pigmented as I’d like. I do have super dark bags though, so if you’re looking for an under eye concealer for ‘normal’ under eyes, this could be perfect for you!



Next is the Tarina Tarantino Eyelicity Glitter Liner in Black Diamond ($16.00)

This Eyelicity Glitter Liner is a micro-glitter liner saturated with a burst of pigmented color that gives you lustrous sparkling eyes on days you want to be a little glamorous! This amazing formula is long-lasting and quick-drying once set! It is also smudge resistant and will keep the gorgeous glitter on your eyes and not your cheeks!

Good points – I love the fine glitter in this liner, it really caught the light and looked great over my normal black eyeliner.

Not so good points – The liquid formula was quite sheer – you can see on the above image that it’s quite see through. I wouldn’t wear this eyeliner alone as it just doesn’t have the depth of colour I’d like.



Next is the MUD Magnolia Lip Glaze ($12.50)

Light, emollient Lip Glazes deliver a burst of sheer, glossy color that’s smooth and never sticky. Stash the squeezable tube in a handbag for a quick sweep of color on the go, or use a brush for more precise application.

Good points – This gloss is a pretty, wearable colour. The formula is non sticky and comfortable to wear.

Not so good points – I’m sorry but I really don’t like the packaging of this product. To me it looks and feels cheap. I’m just not a fan of this style of gloss applicator!



And lastly the Chella Luscious Light Brown Eyebrow Color ($18.00)

The fine tip on this sleek European-designed mechanical pencil has a creamy consistency that glides into place and can also be lightly smudged for a more natural look (use the brush/comb attachment on Chella’s Razor, sold separately, to achieve this effect).

Good points – This pencil has a super fine tip that’s perfect for drawing on tiny brow hairs that look natural. The product formula is quite dense, helping create a sharp line, but can also easily be smudged.

Not so good points – None!

So there we have it! Overall I think I’ve got a great little bundle of products here! This box of goodies came to $87.44 (£54.35) which is also a complete bargain! Wantable also now offer a fitness box, you can check out their site here.

I hope you enjoyed my review xxx




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