Tom Ford Lips & Boys

Tom Ford Lips & Boys


Hi Guys!

Well I couldn’t resist stocking up on the latest offering from one of my favourite designer / perfumer / makeup creators (I couldn’t think of the name for someone who makes makeup!?) of course, it’s Mr Tom Ford.

In case you hadnt heard, Mr Ford’s latest must have products are a set lipsticks named the ‘Lips & Boys’ collection. Lips & Boys comprises of 50 shades of mini 2g lippies named after men in Tom Ford’s life, which I think is a lovely idea! Many of the shades are new, but a few have been re-branded from the current collection. The lipsticks have also been separated into the following categories, with each category holding five shades –

  • Nudes to browns
  • Silvers to blacks
  • Metallics
  • Light pinks to mauves
  • Pop pinks to roses
  • Fuchsia to magentas
  • Corals to oranges
  • Reds
  • Violets to orchid
  • Plums


(Above L-R – Flynn, Peter, Cary, Guillermo)

The collection was originally available for pre-order at Selfridges on 01/12/14, so I quickly snapped up the two lighter shades above, Flynn and Peter – I do love me a nude lip! Then on Boxing Day the collection officially went on sale, so I thought I’d go for a couple more and I purchased Cary and Guillermo. (Be impressed that I saved the first two shades for when the second order arrived so I could photograph and swatch them all together!)

When my first order arrived, and even with the knowledge that these were ‘mini’ lipsticks, I still couldn’t help but feel a slight pang of disappointment at the tiny size compared to a standard lippie. Lips & Boys have 2g of product for £26 and Tom Ford’s standard lipsticks have 3g of product for £37, so I think it is a good deal, they just look so small. That aside, these lipstick really are works of art in their own right, small but perfectly formed, they are exactly like their full sized counterparts, and in no way appear inferior.


  • Flynn – is a muted baby pink with medium coverage.
  • Peter – is a beige pink with pale champagne shimmer and medium coverage.
  • Cary – is a deep mauve pink with full coverage.
  • Guillermo – is a deep brown / burgundy with full coverage.


First up we have Flynn, a light baby pink with a satin finish. This was the very first shade I was attracted to, I really love a nude, barely there lip shade and Flynn seemed to tick all the boxes for me. Flynn is the perfect every day shade that gives medium coverage and lasts for a good couple of hours before reapplication is needed.


Peter is a warm beige toned pink with a golden shimmer. Now I’m a bit on the fence about Peter. It was originally a toss up between him an Ian, both being nude shades, but I went for Peter simply because I preferred the shade on the model on the Tom Ford site! It looked slightly darker and more wearable than Ian. But now I have it (him) I’m not overly keen on the shimmer aspect. It’s not over the top by any means, Peter is shimmery and definitely on the sheer side, I just feel that even though it’s a nice lipstick, it’s not ‘£26’ nice in my book!


For my second purchase I wanted to try out a couple of darker shades – without being too dark and making my pale skin look washed out. My original attraction was of course to the purple and berry shades, but I decided to try something new, and firstly went for Cary, which is a warm deep mauve with a satin finish. Again this was a toss up for me, between Cary and Collin, in the end I decided I’d get more wear out of Cary so I chose him. I liked that Cary reminded me of MAC’s Fast Play, a kind of my lips but better shade. It gave a gorgeously smooth finish that lasted for hours on end, I really love this lipstick! (Also, Cary is actually Casablanca from the standard Lip Color range – so I can grab the full sized version when this one runs out, yay!)


And lastly Guillermo, which is a kind of warm plummy burgundy brown shade with a hint of golden shimmer. I feel this was the most risky shade of the lot, just because it’s pretty dark, and not really a colour I’d usually go for. I loved that Guillermo has an almost 90’s vibe (I grew up in the 90’s so this really appeals to me) and gives a pretty much opaque finish that feels gorgeously smooth and creamy on the lips. This is definitely not an every day shade, but one I hope will get lots of use.


Yet again I must apologise that I don’t have any pictures of these gorgeous products actually on my face. My lips are just completely crazy at the moment; one day they’ll be fine and the next they’ll be dry as anything. I will be showing them all off though, hopefully sooner rather than later 🙂

So, there we have it. I’m officially in love, and skint. (I’m not buying ANYTHING else for the rest of January, ok?) At £26 each, which is expensive by anyones standards, these really are fantastic lipsticks, but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be buying any more for quite a while!

I’d love to hear if you’ve picked any boys up? (ahem!) I hope you enjoyed my post! xx





  1. Avid Beauty
    14 January, 2015 / 2:49 pm

    What a great array of shades. I couldn’t believe just how many shades they were offering, but having a smaller size seems a great way to try out a shade or two first!

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