Makeup Revolution: The Matte Blush Collection

Makeup Revolution: The Matte Blush Collection


Hi Guys!

Makeup Revolution just don’t stop do they! They’ve only been around for about a year and a half and at a guess I’d estimate they’ve produced well over 500 products by now. Crazy stuff!

Ok so today I have their latest blushers to show you. This is the Matte Blush collection, including six large flat pan blushers with glossy black bases and clear flip top lids…


Don’t they just look so pretty!?


Ok so the first two shades are New Rules on the left and Beloved on the right. Yes New Rules does look pretty intimidating – would I reach for this shade? Probably not automatically, but in fact it does look lovely used very sparingly. (This is actually a great shade for a pale english rose complexion) Beloved is a bit more of an easier shade on the eye, but it’s actually brighter than in the photo. This pretty pinky peach is perfect for brightening the complexion.


The next two are probably the easiest colours to wear out of the collection. Nude is a light peachy nude shade which would suit fairer complexions and Fusion is actually very similar to Nude, but slightly deeper and warmer with more of a lean towards terracotta. This would look gorgeous on darker skin tones.


And lastly, just look at these bad boys! Dare and Divine, are a couple of fantastic blue toned pinks. Dare is on the darker side – and I think I understand why they’ve called it Dare! Divine is a slightly more forgiving Barbie pink.


You can see from the swatches that they are all really well pigmented. Don’t let the intensity of the colours put you off though. I’ve just swatched them heavily for you so you can see the potential of the colours, with a light hand these look really pretty when applied for a hint or colour. I particularly love Beloved and Nude.


These blushers are definitely worth giving a go. For only £3.00 each they’re a complete bargain!

The Matte Blush collection is available now at Superdrug.

So what do you think, do any of these shades take your fancy?

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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