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Autumn / winter has to be my favourite time of year when it comes to fragrancing my home. Seasonal scents are always so welcoming when you come home from being outside in the cold. I love how they’re so warming and homely, and after a short while you begin to associate that scent with home.

There’s really nothing like snuggling with a blanket, watching your favourite Christmas movie (mine’s Elf, in case you were wondering) with a mug of hot chocolate and your favourite scented candle burning, while the weather is cold and horrible outside. Talking like this is actually making me look forward to the colder weather, I must be crazy! 🙂

Yankee Candles are perfect for making your home smell amazing, they’re really affordable and come in a large range of sizes, as well as a massive range of fragrances. And this year they’ve added four brand new fragrances to their winter collection –

Cosy By The Fire – A warm mix of ginger, clove, and orange combined with woody notes to give the snap of a crackling fire and the comfort of a hot aromatic drink beside it. I love this fragrance so much. If I close my eyes I imagine myself in a cosy log cabin, snuggled up by the fire watching the TV with my family.

Winter Glow – This is a cooler, crisp scent, making you think of frosted leaves on snow-covered trees, warmed by golden amber sun rays. This scent is definitely fresh but still has a warmth to it. This fragrance seems subtler than Cosy By the Fire – perfect if you don’t like your candles scented too strong.

Bundle Up – This is a clean, wintry scent that brings back frosty days and cosy warm clothing. There’s a definitely hint of washing powder in there, as well as a touch of citrus and a dash of smoke. The image on the front of the candle shows children wrapped up in winter clothes sipping on hot chocolate, and it just reminds me of my son. This may become a Christmas favourite for me for that reason 🙂

Berry Trifle – Super sweet and literally mouth-watering, Berry Trifle has a tangy and sharp fresh berry scent, nestled on a bed of soft vanilla cream to take the edge off. I have a sweet tooth and this really does smell good enough to eat.


I love this collection of fragrances so much! I keep smelling them over and over again trying to pick a favourite and it’s so hard. I think I’ll end up switching between them depending on my mood.

The Christmas Candle Collection are all available now, starting from only £1.49 for a wax melt at Yankee Candle.

I’d love to hear which your favourite candles are for winter?

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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