#MCM Man Crush Monday with New Look

#MCM Man Crush Monday with New Look

justin timberlake

Hi Guys!

To celebrate the up and coming relaunch of New Look’s menswear range, I’ve been asked to put together a little wish list to style my Man Crush, who is no other than snake-hipped Justin Timberlake 🙂

Now as you probably know, JT is famous for his super slick style… I’ll keep the noodle hair era safely locked away in my mind where it’s no longer accessible, but apart from that – oh and the double denim disaster from 2001 (I blame Britney) he’s definitely evolved into a super-stylish, slim-suited rather dashing young man. (I originally had some other, rather adventurous descriptive words in there which I thought I’d better take out!)

I’ve put together a little look from the New Look Menswear Collection for my lovely Justin, it’s smart-cash, autumnal, simple and easy to wear. What more does a boy need? I’ve even added his signature trilby hat coz I’m nice like that. I’d make such a good girlfriend, don’t you think? (Yes I know I’m married, and he’s married, these are minor details…)


Jumper  |  Bracelet  |  Trainers  |  Trousers  |  Hat  |  T-Shirt  |  Watch

So what do you think? Can you see JT in this get up? I think my other half would go for most of it too except the hat and bracelet, he’s not ready for accessories yet bless him.

I’d love to hear who your man crush is!? Especilally if it’s anyone unusual?? (Go on tell me, I won’t tell anyone 😉 )




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