Paperchase Sale Haul!

Paperchase Sale Haul!


Hi Guys!

Ok so I must admit, I did get a little bit spend-happy in the post Christmas sales (which actually started before Christmas, but you know what I mean) There were just so many bargains to be had in literally every corner of the internet, and I was pretty much powerless to resist…

I’m going to put together a sale haul post when my final sale order eventually arrives, but in the mean time I thought I’d just show you my sexy new stationery from Paperchase. I’m a real stationery fiend, so much so that I actually used to have my very own made up amazing stationery shop that I visited in my dreams as a child (it’s true!) I would get on my bike and ride up the hill on the road where my parents live, then when I reached the top I’d turn left and go into a field which led to a new town and my beloved stationery shop was right there! It literally had floor to ceiling Crayola pens, gel pens, novelty erasers, sticky notes and anything else I could imagine!

Even though I’ve had a slight stationery obsession for a long time, I hadnt actually bought anything new for a while, and I’ve never actually shopped at Paperchase before either. I happened to notice on Twitter that they had a big sale on, so I thought I should check it out – and I’m really glad I did! This is what I ended up with…


Ok so this is what I bought – the ‘Vista’ ring binder (not shown) A4 and A5 notebooks, and super giant pencil case. ‘Spora’ sticky notebook and mechanical pen, the ‘Snackpackers’ ball pen, and another plain black pen. Everything was half price except one of the pens and my order still came to under £20!


The Vista collection has a brown matte finish with a watercolour style abstract pattern, and I have to say the notepads are perfect! The come with a strap closure and tabs to separate sections so they’re easily accessible. The Spora sticky notes book is right up my street too, it includes eight different types of post it notes, in varying sizes with different patterns, it’s so cute!



It turns out that the pencil case is actually massive. I’m pretty sure I could fit my whole life in there!


And lastly I also just wanted to show you my awesome Kew Bug Study Mug* from Creative-Tops, as I’ve had this for quite a while now and keep forgetting to show you guys! You might be surprised to hear that I do in fact love bugs more than I love stationery and here’s a fun fact – I held giant hissing cockroaches and giant centipedes for photos on my wedding day 😀 – as you do!

FYI – the Paperchase sale is still on, so if you’re looking for new pads and pens, you really should check it out.

I’d love to hear if you’re a stationery fanatic like me? I hope you enjoyed my post! xxx




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